USMTS – United States Modified Touring Series – is one of the fastest-growing race series in the United States. Popular for its unique combination of entertainment and top tier competition, many USMTS events take place in front of sold-out crowds.

At Karl Kustoms, we’ve been building engines for USMTS racers for more than a decade. If you need a built-to-spec race engine, Karl Kustoms can help.

Karl Kustoms is a well-known engine builder in central Iowa, and we’ve been building USMTS engines for years.

Here are some common questions people have about our USMTS race engines, as well as our company.

Does Karl Kustoms Build USMTS Race Engines?

Yes! We currently list only one USMTS spec engine on our website, but that’s because we’ve found that many racers want to customize their engine with specific components. So, rather than list of all the possible configurations, we have only one engine listed.

Still, we absolutely build spec USMTS engines (we’ve been building them for years).  Our USMTS engines are listed along with all our other race engines here.

We’ve been building, researching, and developing race engines for years. We’ve figured out what works in terms of power and drivability. When someone orders a USMTS engine from us, they speak directly with an experienced builder. It’s a consultative process, and the net result is a race engine that reflects years of race engine experience.

What Kind Of Budget Is Required To Buy A USMTS Engine?

Pricing really depends on components and how much work our customers want to do themselves. For example, we can put together only a short block. Then the customer can assemble their own heads, and they can save a few dollars. Or, we can do the full assembly.

Most of our customers spend at least $20,000 on a USMTS race engine, but there’s a range of budgets.

What Else Does Karl Kustoms Offer Racers? Safety Gear? Driveshafts? Brakes?

Racers can get almost anything they need for their cars from Karl Kustoms including safety equipment, chassis and suspension parts, brake system components, driveline parts…anything racers may need to put their car together. And we have many of these parts in stock, which means we can get online orders filled quickly. Of course, many of these parts are also available over the counter at our shop in West Des Moines, Iowa. (Please call ahead to be sure.)

Does Karl Kustoms Sponsor Any USMTS Racers?

We have! Five. Todd Shute – winner of the Wild West Shootout Championship in 2016 – raced with one of our USMTS spec engines.

Todd Shute – USMTS racer

How Does Someone Buy A USMTS Engine From Karl Kustoms?

Because we customize the engines so much, we ask anyone interested in a race engine to call and speak directly with one of our engine builders.

What About USRA Race Engines?

We build those too! We’ve got a lot of options for open engines – you can see them here.

And because we’re experienced engine builders, we’re also authorized by both GM and IMCA to perform repairs on sealed race engines like the 602 and 604, and the CT525.