1966 Chevy II Nova SS

The Chevy II Nova SS is one of the most iconic automobiles ever produced by Chevrolet. The Nova may be gone, but it’s not forgotten.

Take a look at the video, and you’ll see just how cool this Chevy II Nova SS restoration is. From its pristine exterior to its vibrant red upholstery, the vehicle has a lot to love.

While originally reserved for the top-of-the-line trims, Nova replaced Chevy II to become the official nameplate in 1969. Today, many simply refer to these beautiful early Chevy IIs as Novas.

Chevy II Inception

1966 Chevy II Nova SS

The Chevy II was first introduced for the 1962 model year as a bare-bones challenger to the wildly popular Ford Falcon.

Designer Clare MacKichan shares, “There was no time for experimentation or doodling around with new ideas from either the engineers or from us in design.”

custom Chevy II Nova SS

GM knew what they wanted and they wanted it fast. “We worked night and day on that car,” says MacKichan “And it didn’t take very long to run it through our shop because we had a deadline.”

The Chevy II turned out to be one of the fastest new-car developments in GM history taking a mere 18 months. The end result was a simple platform offering convertible, sedan, wagon, and two-door hardtop options. All of which the Falcon also offered.

Chevy II Nova SS restoration

The lone variant withheld from the Chevy II that the Falcon boasted was a ute. But, GM wisely elected to avoid potentially messing with the sales of the El Camino.

2nd-Gen Chevy II

Chevy II Nova SS

With the second generation of Chevy IIs, Chevrolet sharpened up the styling and went for a more square look. But overall, features remained largely the same.

Thes second generation was produced from 1966-1967 and offered three trim levels. Trims included:

  • 100
  • Nova 400
  • Nova Super Sport (SS)

Five different engine options were also available with the base model receiving an inline-four and Nova trims offering two inline-six and V8 options respectively.

The Chevy II SS Is A Special Ride

Steve Simmons, Karl Kustoms

As Steve Simmons says in the video above, this Chevy II SS has a 327 engine in it and it is all original on the inside. It even has air conditioning.

1966 Nova SS Red Interior

One of the first features to stand out in this vehicle is its beautiful red interior. It’s all original. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine enjoying a sweet ride down to the diner for a sundae and some burgers in this thing.

Chevy II Nova SS rear end

“This SS has an automatic transmission,” says Simmons “Only 61,000 miles on it, gets up and goes, and has a nice smooth ride.”

Chevy 327 engine

Under the hood lies the Chevrolet 327 V8. It boasts 275 hp and helped to kickstart the Nova’s reputation as a bonafide muscle car.

This Nova has been repainted once, but everything remains original!

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